5 Steps to Unleashing Greatness: It’s all about Attitude

Stand back. I’ve got a plan and I know how to use it.

Practically from our first steps we’re taught to be goal-oriented – schooled to plan for the fIMG_5787iscally responsible future, climb the career and life ladder one rung at a time, and keep our eyes on the prize. Although planning and goal-setting are fine, holding too tightly to a particular vision can not only frustrate us, but also limit our potential for greater success.

It’s time to tame the beast. Find your footing on the road to fortune by following these five steps to unlocking greatness.

1. Realize the only thing you can control is your attitude.
All the best planning in the world cannot guarantee that unwanted, unnecessary and unnerving events won’t pop up in our lives. However, one thing we can have complete control over is our attitude. Our reactions to those pesky turns-of-fate are the true tests of our character. If you desire to be a better person, then respond as the “better you” would and the rest will follow.
2. When you hold too tightly, you stifle life.
Most of us define ourselves, to some extent, by our current personal achievements. We cling to those hard-earned titles like gold, feeling that they reflect our true identity; but in that situation we end up losing something vital – our openness to new possibilities. Rigidly maintaining the status quo places too much energy on past creations and can result in strangling the joy out of today. Open your mind and allow your successes to empower rather than enslave you.
3. Seize unexpected opportunities.
Because the view from square one can often be daunting, we may set our goals from a point of limitation. If unforeseen opportunities emerge – even if they go against your initial plan – give yourself permission to take advantage of the unexpected. You may find that sometimes life has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself.
4. Fear makes you immobile, hope moves you forward.
If fear is the enemy, then our instinct to be in control is his partner-in-crime; one plays off the other. All great things begin with someone who first dares to dream. Facing the unknown is always frightening, but you can’t achieve anything if you’re frozen in your tracks. Be bold; veer off the beaten path if you feel it might make you happy. By facing your fear and stepping forward with purpose, you’ll never leave yourself wondering “what if.”
5. Be ready to receive inspiration.
As mysterious as it sounds, many of the world’s greatest minds admit that their inspirations came to them out of the blue. For example, Paul McCartney “found” the song Yesterday in a dream. We all have unique seeds of greatness and are only different from remarkable people by what we have yet to cultivate and unleash. When inspired thought presents itself to you, be open to receiving it.

When you can relinquish control and face your fears head on, life becomes an adventure with exciting surprises around every turn. Where will this road lead you? There’s only one way to find out. Take a deep breath, open your mind and bravely leap into your destiny.

Positive Impact Magazine | Dec 01, 2010. Marci Wise has spent more than two decades bringing people valuable information to help them in their daily lives. She’s a motivational author and Mental Health Counselor in the Fort Myers/Naples, Florida area. For more information, visit http://www.marciwise.com.


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